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Heritage Volunteers look for opportunities to help conserve and explain our heritage. One member of our Evesham group volunteers at Court Barn Museum, Chipping Campden, but the group as a whole specialises in using needlework skills either to preserve worn fabric or to create new objects such as church linens or historical costumes.

In recent years we have worked at Ragley Hall, where the upholstery of the suite in the Red Saloon was showing wear and tear. Following the advice of expert conservators, we stabilised the damage by carefully inserting a lining under the rents, and then sewing the worn material down onto it with a very fine thread. Lastly, for good measure, we covered the repairs with a matching net and we now hope that the seven chairs and two settees will continue to look good for a long while to come.
ragley 1

a Ragley chair before ...
ragley 2

... and after
monks A very different task was to make costumes for the Almonry Museum in Evesham to use during school visits. The Museum teaches children about the life of Benedictine monks at Evesham Abbey and now, with 30 miniature monks' habits, the children will be able to dress up and participate more fully in the abbey experience.


a replacement church veil and burse
created by the Volunteers.

wormington 1 Our current project is to conserve a pair of woven wool curtains which had been made at the William Morris factory and originally hung at Wormington Grange but which are now being used to screen the vestry in St Katharine's, Wormington. We are using the same techniques of lining, couching and netting as were used on the Ragley Hall furniture, in order to make the curtains fully serviceable.

If you know of any local church, museum or public building where there may be needlework to be done, do get in touch with the our Heritage Volunteers, where conservation, or present-day creations, are all part of our offer.
wormington 2

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